A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Santa run! a game were you jump over missiles and dodge presents! (i know makes no sense) But still fun

(Credit to: BASICALLY_EVERYTHING for the project)

give him most credit for the code and the project. i added extra thing to the game, including sound, 1 extra character, and title change.

i will update this game when i notice a bug, when i think new characters should be added, maybe some secrets ;)... and more. Hope you enjoy the game in (v1.0)!

Install instructions

you must be able to load sb2 files in order to play. if you are unable, download an extension. i recommend one you can trust :)

the two extra files named "setup, and unconfirmed" i have used them and i am quite sure, that they are trusted files to be used to load this game. if you are to lazy to do this complicated way... you can do it on scratch, how? 

step 1: create new account...

step 2: download sb2 file.

step 3: click create

step 4:  click file, then click "Upload from Computer"

step 5: select sb2 file and load it. 

VWALLA you can do it a BIT easier.


SANTA RUN with sfx 3 MB
setup.exe 1 MB
Unconfirmed 298259.crdownload 1 MB

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